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Whether you’re looking for expertly administered cosmetic injectables, safe and comfortable laser treatments,
or help with skin care, there’s something for everyone at PearlMedicaMD.
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Leg and Facial Veins
Are you frustrated by visible veins on your legs or face? We’re happy to help you safely and effectively remove these visible spider veins with precise, targeted treatment. Learn more about how we can help treat this common issue.
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Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers can rejuvenate your face, neck, and even hands, restoring their youthful beauty. Learn more about how injectables can help give you the look you want, restoring confidence and letting you feel comfortable in your own skin.
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Laser Treatments
Removing unwanted hair, eliminating frustrating facial redness, treating brown spots, repairing sun damage, removing tattoos, and snoring cures are all possible thanks to safe and effective laser treatments. Learn more about what laser treatments can do for you!
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Do you find yourself constantly evicted from the bedroom for your snoring? Frustrated that your partner’s nocturnal noises keep you from a good night’s sleep?
PearlMedicaMD offers treatments for snoring to help you and your loved ones get the rest you deserve.

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About PearlMedicaMD

PearlMedicaMD is a pioneering laser clinic, dedicated to giving clients the safest, most effective laser treatments, anti-aging solutions, and aesthetic procedures possible. Dr. Patrick Murphy is the clinic’s resident doctor, a trained ear, nose, and throat surgeon with leading experience in injectables. Diana Murphy is your go-to for patient consultations, and serves as the clinic’s certified laser technician. Together, this skilled, professional team work with you to get you the results you want from your treatments.

About PearlMedicaMD

The Clinic

Located in beautiful downtown Ottawa, the PearlMedicaMD clinic is a welcoming, comfortable, and modern facility situated in a beautiful older building on the corner of Lewis and Metcalfe. We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of services to help meet your aesthetic needs, from beauty rejuvenation to anti-aging procedures and vein removal. If you’d like to see our facilities for yourself and learn more about our treatments, we’d love to hear from you!

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